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AUGUST 11, 2011 – AUGUST 22, 2011




A team of three IGO Board Members, Pastor Terrence Steele, Pastor Steve White, and I attended the pastors conference in Liberia this year. Pastor Steele and I travelled together and were met in Buchanan by Pastor White.

Pastor Steele and I were met at the airport by Lawrancso Charlie, Martha Zeogar, Jessie Willie, and James, the driver of the van. As is customary, we spent Friday night in Monrovia, and on Saturday August 13, we proceeded to buy supplies and set out for Buchanan. About that time we heard that Brother Steve had arrived that morning by Moroccan Airlines and was already in Buchanan. On the way to Buchanan, after we had travelled as fast as 65 mph, the rear wheel on the passenger side of the van fell off. We discovered then that studs and nuts were missing from all four wheels. The wheel that fell off seemed to have had only 3 studs of which only 2 remained. We limped to Buchanan with the van full of luggage and people with only 2 studs on that wheel. After we reached the wheel fell off again. It cost $60.00 to replace the missing studs and lug nuts.


The conference took the form of three (3) revival services each day. Strictly speaking, these meetings taken together could hardly be called a conference. They did not take the usual format where several pastors, evangelists, and church workers were addressed in turn by each member of the team. The meetings were more like fund raising rallies. Steve requested to speak to the pastors. This left Terrence and me to address the rest of the congregation. The material I took was not prepared for members of a congregation. I very strongly recommend that the conferences revert to the original format.


At our first meeting with Lawrancso Charlie, he informed us that the prayer team and others were at the Bible School all week and that he needed to give them something for food. We gave him $50.00 each for a total of $150.00.. He then presented us with a sheet of paper showing us that food for the conference would cast just under $1500.00, and asked us if we could help. We told him we were not able to.


Pastor Steele and I met with Dr. Zangai in his office at the Grand Bassa Community College to discuss the proposed merger of the Bible School with the Community College. Steve was absent as he had to go to Monrovia to retrieve his luggage. As stated previously, this merger will make the IGO Bible School serve as the Theological Department of the Community College. We once again shared IGO’s concerns regarding possible changes that may occur in the future between the philosophy of the Bible School and that of the Community College. Dr. Zangai gave us copies of the attached documents regarding agreements between the Grand Bassa Community College and other organizations. He suggested that that we could use the material contained in these documents to assist in the drafting of our letter of understanding.


Dr. Zangai took us in his 4-wheel drive SUV, on a tour of the community college construction site. The road to the construction site was extremely muddy and included crossing a rather hazardous bridge. The community college will have several buildings some of them with more than one floor. The excavations were complete and the foundations were being poured.


It was brought to our attention that the theological students who had high school diplomas were now attending classes on the Community College Compound on weekdays. Pastors and evangelists and other Christian workers who did not have a high school diploma attended the Bible School which was open only on Saturdays. On Saturdays four classes are held. One of these classes is taught by David Zeogar. The other three were taught by Richard Bannie, Ohatos Blamah, and Arthur Gaye.


The following are the current Bible School personnel, and their monthly stipends:

a) Bible School Teachers

David Zeogar $80.00
Richard Bannie $40.00
Ohato Blamah $40.00
Arthur Gaye $40.00
b) Bible School Staff
Lorensco Charlie Evangelism Director $50.00
Alphanso Kahdyu Assistant to Misions Director $40.00
Amos Brown-stipend & radio Evangelist $55.00
Albert Gbadyu Handyman $30.00
Matthew D. Gueh Security Guard $30.00
Dennis Yarvogar Security Guard $30.00
Jessie Willie Evangelist $30.00
Paul Dolo Handyman $30.00
Total 495.00


Soap Manufacturing Project

During our visit two soap manufacturing projects and two pepper planting projects were started in four churches. The soap project will employ about 10 women to manufacture and sell the soap. Two Hundred and Fifty-five Dollars ($255.00) was invested in each soap project to produce 750 bars of soap that will sell at $10.00 Liberian Dollars each. One Hundred Twenty-five Dollars ($125.00) was invested in each pepper planting project. The projects will benefit church members, as well as provide funds to finance the annual pastors conferences. Other churches requesting projects were put on a waiting list. At least two other soap projects and one pepper planting projects will be started in another month. Manufacturing projects allow for a much faster turnover of capital than agricultural projects such as chicken, goats cassava, or pepper.

Goat Rearing Project

The Goat Rearing Project which was started last year is doing very well. Seventeen (17) families received animals in the initial distribution, and all of the female animals have reproduced. In David Zeogar’s absence, we were not able to ascertain who remained on the waiting list. We were told however, that not all the families who requested animals had received them.


This matter was raised in a previous report. This program would allow pastors to use churches in small villages as schools during the week to teach children to read and write. The program has not yet been implemented due to lack of funds. However, we have identified two villages in which this project could start. Each would require $50.00 per month to pay the teacher. If you can help us to start this program, please do so.

Repair and Maintenance of Church Buildings

There still exists the need to replace at least 2 church roofs per year and to provide roofs for new churches. It costs about $500.00 for each roof.


The Bible School building is still not yet complete. In the main section of the building several windows need to be installed, while work on the clinic and the library section of the building has not progressed due to lack of funds. The clinic area although not yet complete is usable. However, the library area has far to go. It still needs doors, windows, and book shelves.

Because the pick up truck is not working, the Dodge seven-passenger minivan that was sent over in 2010 to transport Bible School teachers is being used as a multi-purpose vehicle and is falling to pieces on the bad roads.

The following is a summary of the disbursements made on the trip. This does not include any air fare and personal expenses for any member of the team, or any of the frequent purchases of gas for the car, the generator, or the pump used in drilling the well.

Culverts for well $870.00
Francis Joe for crushed rocks and sand $120.00
Labor to drill well $450.00
Cost to transport culverts $100.00
Cost of purchasing well pump $450.00
Alphanso for cement and steel $120.00
Cost of renting pump to facilitate digging well $100.00
Purchase and transport blocks $33.00
Francis-cost of supervision and well photographs $180.00
Two (2) soap projects @ $255.00 $510.00
Two (2) pepper projects @ $125.00 $250.00
Lawrensco for purchasing generator $110.00
Purchase of lugs and studs for van $60.00
Lawrensco for prayer warriors $150.00
Purchase and installation of tire for van $50.00
Stipend for David (paid to Martha Zeogar) $150.00
Martha Zeogar for mattresses $75.00
Stipend for other Bible School staff $270.00
Total Disbursed $4048.00
Funds provided for well 2500.00
Provided by Pastor Steve White (Lawrencso) 50.00
Provided by Pastor Steele (Lawrencso $50.00
projects $200.00 plus $125.00 and culverts $70.00) $445.00
Monthly remittance provided by IGO $525.00
Balance from personal funds $528.00


For the future, my recommendations are basically the same as last year. They are:

  1. That the IGO USA Board assist in the construction and repair of village church buildings by allotting $500.00 for each building to provide roofing. This amount would be disbursed as and when required. The amount allotted for this purpose would not exceed $1000.00 or 2 churches per year.
  2. That the village church buildings be allowed to serve as school buildings during the week.
  3. That some literate person, preferably the pastor, be given a stipend of say $50.00 per month to teach the students to read and write.
  4. That the IGO Bible School, subject to written assurances from the Liberian Government, be allowed to function as the Theological Department of the Grand Bassa Community College.
  5. That a Letter of Understanding regarding the Doctrine to be taught in the Bible School and the present and future ownership of Bible School property be drafted and sent to the Liberian Government their signature.
  6. That we resume our evangelistic outreach ministry in the villages.
  7. That we ensure that individuals on the waiting list will all receive animals.
  8. That we continue to hold the Annual Pastors’ Conferences so that in addition to training pastors and church workers, we can keep abreast of what is happening in the field.

Respectfully submitted,

Clifton Eaton, President


Tuck Street Early Education Center

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We will soon post more events on our website. If you like, you can review an account of our past events. Visit our Calendar page.

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