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The Tuck Street Early Education Center is located at 2111 E Tuck Street on the 5 acre property owned by Harmony Baptist Church. It is located at the rear of the church in the building formerly occupied by Harmony Academy. Harmony Academy was closed in August 2015. The day care center is now operated by the pastor’s wife, a retired Registered Nurse who graduated from the University of Miami, and specialized in Pediatric Nursing. It is overseen by the pastor of the Harmony Baptist Church who is a graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary.
When Harmony Academy closed in August 2015, the pastor and his wife promptly went and took the courses and examinations necessary to qualify them to operate the day care center on behalf of the church.
What is most remarkable is the professional manner in which the day care center has operated since then. The large premises allow the children to run and play outside in safety. Both the classrooms and the playground are well equipped with toys and learning material appropriate to the different age groups. The facilities including restrooms and play areas are kept very clean in accordance with the Minimum Standard Requirements of the State of Texas. The staff are highly trained and professional in conduct and deportment.
All things considered, including the reasonable rates charged, this is probably the best day care facility available in the Sherman area.
I have been a foster grandparent at this daycare for over a year. It is really a good daycare to bring your children. I really enjoy mentoring the children. I look forward to going there every day.

(Grandma) Vergie Coney (Volunteer)
Alyssa Haratyk, Teacher

I have had 3 children in the Tuck Street Early Education Center for the past 15 months. The eldest is a boy 4 years old who attends Fred Douglass Kindergarten School. The other 2 are girls aged 2 years and 1 year. The staff members are professional and friendly. They are caring to children, to parents, and to each other. They are efficient and reliable and some are especially gifted to work with children.

Both the classrooms and the playground are well equipped with toys and learning material appropriate to the different age groups. The facilities including restrooms and play areas are kept very clean.

I highly recommend this daycare center to anyone who has small children and is looking for a day care center where the rates are reasonable, the environment is clean, and the service is great.

Yuzelmy Urrutia

My 3 year old daughter has been attending Tuck Street Early Education Center for the past 10 months. I particularly like the day care center because my daughter is learning and she likes being there.

Both the management and staff seem to enjoy good working relationships with parents and children, and always wear pleasant smiles. Their wit, charm, keen sense of humor, hard work and efficiency give them the confidence in their ability to perform their jobs well.

Because of their love and friendliness to both parents and children, there are many days when young children cling to caregivers crying and refusing to leave the day care center with their parents.

It is just a nice place for anyone to place their children

Ladonna Evelyn

I have 2 boys a 5 year old and a 2 year old who have been attending the Tuck Street Early Education Center for the past 6 months. The boys enjoy coming each day. The 5 year old attends Washington Elementary. The day care van takes him to school in the mornings and back to the day care center in the evenings. I simply drop them off at the day care center in the mornings and pick them up from the center in the evenings. This has been a great help for me. I previously worked at this day care center and it is a great atmosphere for students, parents, and staff. I gladly recommend this day care center to any parent who is looking for a center that provides a positive atmosphere for their children..

Maria Mc Manigal

I have 3 children in the care of the Tuck Street Early Education Center located at 2111 East Tuck Street in Sherman Texas. The eldest is a boy 4 years old who attends Fred Douglass Kindergarten. The other 2 are twin girls 2 years old. I drop the children off in the mornings before going to work, and pick them up in the evenings after leaving work. The day care has a bus that drops my son at Fred Douglass in the mornings at 7:45 AM and picks him up at 11:00AM on school days.

My children are happy there and the staff is very friendly and caring. The children are fed 3 meals daily- breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack. I am satisfied that at this day care enter my children are given the very best of care.


Tuck Street Early Education Center

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  • 2111 E. Tuck St., Sherman, TX 75090
  • Church: 903-892-2044
  • Daycare Phone: 903-813-1952
  • Email: ceatsmeats1@verizon.net
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